Re: varnishing

Posted by Mac on Jan 30, 2005


I hope Steve Miller and Terry Mcadams see your post, but in the meanwhile, can you provide a little more information regarding the temperature of work area, which type of varnish and thinner you'd like to use etc.

I would suggest that you take the time to vacuume the work area as clean as you can - to the point of wetting the floor just prior to varnishing. This will help keep the dust down as you scurry around the hull in abject panic screaming "Wet Edge - Gotta Maintain a Wet Edge!". Your neighbours are just short of calling the cops at this point. Terry will suggest ways of prolonging your wet edge and saving your marriage. (Who said boat building wasn't erotic?! And yes, I love those little round-ended white foam rollers too. I'd suggest using a fine non-&^%&^% shedding brush or black foam brush to lightly tip off any bubbles. (I gotta keep a wet edge AND tip off!!) Now the neighbours ARE calling the cops!

In my vast experience, the one thing I've learned is that you'll be applying 3 to 5 thin coats of varnish, and by the time you get to coat three you'll know more about this than I do, and will have developed your own tricks. Don't be afraid of it - scrapers and sanding will take care of any and all boo boos - and give you an excuse for one more coat. (Did I mention that varnishing can become quite addictive?) So, wait for the pros to weigh in here and in the meantime - get cleaning.

Oh, and have FUN!

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