CH17 completed

Posted by Allan Reade on Jan 29, 2005

A week after Christmas I put the last rushed coats of varnish and paint on my CH17 in time for the planned launch ceremony. Two days later we were due to go to Totaranui, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, for a camping holiday. Nothing like a deadline to bring a project to completion.

Now, several capsizes later (the 2 today were unplanned when I failed to brace for a couple of waves that snuck up from the side), I'm working on paddling skills.

A second wooden kayak for my partner, Gaby, is still in the design-choosing stage. My attempt to ensure her, and our daughter's, interest in kayaking by hiring an additional plastic kayak to take with us on holiday was so successful that we now have to look for a second-hand plastic sea kayak until a second wooden one is built.

Thanks for all the quick and helpful answers to my questions, and for the humour, which made the building process much more enjoyable.

Allan Reade