build another boat!

Posted by Howard on Jan 28, 2005


i would wait. the weather will warm up in the spring. and the air will warm much quicker to a safe varnishing temperature compared to when the water will be warm enough to go out without a dry suit. where i live...i take the boat that i built in the winter...and do the finish work in april...and by May i am ready to go and the water is finally warm enough as well (barely)

in my view the, the fumes and exposure to this kind of stuff in the living space in a house is not worth the potential issues...given that you can probably wait and that it is an optional activity.

what i would do in the mean-time if i had to keep myself busy? purchase and complete another hull....clc is having a sale.

In Response to: varnishing dilemna by David G on Jan 27, 2005


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