Re: bow beamlet location

Posted by LeeG on Jan 28, 2005

it's for cosmetic reasons to ensure the deck curve continues on past the point where the deck has a tendency to flatten out. You're right,,there's a very good reason to put it on the back deck, especially if the rudder block stop is cantilevered between the two sheerlamps by any distance. If you look at the picture of the triple at the top of the page

the rudder block is in a far forward position. I put it there so that the rudder cables could be routed through two 1/4" holes in the rudder block and not have exposed cables out through the deck where people would be tempted to grap the cables. Also it's easier than making some kind of ferrule if the cables route through the deck since silicone sealant really doesn't seal for long against a plastic rudder cable housing. When installing the rudder while the triple was on two saw horses a strong wind blew it over onto it's deck. Which drove the rudder block clean through the deck which was glassed with 6oz glass. I repaired it and that's why you see white paint wrapped up over the aft deck a short distance. Reinforcing the area under the rudder block before putting the deck on is easier than doing it after it's on, painted, and you're somewhere where a hole in the back deck isn't desirable. On the double you can see a huge mahogany rudder block that spans from sheer to sheer but I don't know if that's a part of the rudder kit or not.

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