Re: varnishing dilemna

Posted by Gert Walter on Jan 28, 2005

I'm varnishing in my basement, as it is zero outside with 2 1/2' snow. My basement is in the low 60's and its taken a while to figure out how to minimize the runs, even with penetrol. I can't really close off the room, so I get dust flecks. I also found the only damn live mosquito in the entire state stuck to a newly varnished area yesterday! Since several coats are needed, my thought would be to try varnishing on the bottom first, where it is less critical to have a great looking finish. Prepare for lots of sanding. If you run into problems, ask again on this forum with specifics to your situation. Also the fumes are minimal, and not unpleasant. They are a sign that the end of your project is near. Gwalter

In Response to: Re: varnishing dilemna by Steve Miller on Jan 27, 2005