Re: seat width and length

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 27, 2005

Mac is just full of excellent advice -- lissen to him!

I get my minicell from CLC, a 24x24x3 chunk. I bandsaw the 17x17 seat blank from it, then use the remainder for various cockpit padding. I like to have hip pads, knee pads, and feet pads since my forward bulkhead serves as my foot braces.

I carve my seat with a 4" right-angle grinder, others use a 30- or 40-grit disc on a 'lectric drill. I finish up with "Dragon Skin", a sort of metal sandpaper, though the Surform thing works well, as does the 40-grit sandpaper discs from the hardware store.

And as Mac says, don't try to finish it in one, ahem, sitting. Leave a little for adjusting as your sit-bones send feedback to yer headbone.

Cheers, Kurt

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