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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 26, 2005

"I understand your feeling ... it's the same as mine was before our trip."

That's why I said my opinion is subject to change. I know you dude, and hearing you speak fondly of SOTs causes me to take notice.

And now you interest me to no end as to how you believe the "ills" of the design, as we see them, could be fixed.

The way I see it, we have one little problem with the basic SOT that is nigh unto impossible to get around. To wit: the paddler's butt must be elevated above the waterline in order to obtain returns such as a halfway dry ride, self-bailing scupper holes, etc. But raising the paddler's position comes at the cost of stability. How do you overcome this? By increasing the beam. Or in other words, the SOT, by its very nature, is a barge in comparison to our beloved sea kayak.

Now, I don't know beans about "surfskis", but from what I vaguely understand, they're basically high performance SOTs. I have even seen one being used once, but couldn't get the guy to stop and allow my investigation of his apparatus. But I don't see anyone clambering aboard the thing at sea... it looked to me like a racing sea yak.

Talk to me, I'm all ears on this one! I mean it too; I'm really quite interested, although I still say I don't want a SOT at the moment.

Cheers, Kurt

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