Re: Annapolis Wherry rub

Posted by David Hopkinson on Jan 25, 2005

The way CLC instructs is to attach them to the outside of the boat. I used a router and router table to cut a rabbet in the rails so that about 1/4 inch of the rails is over the top edge and the inside edge of the rail is flush with the inside edge of the boat side. CLC also stops the rail just before the Bow point, tapers the rail and rounds the end. I brought the rail forward of the bow point then filed and sanded to a roughly 1.5" radius and filled the small gap at the point with thickened epoxy. I think it looks nice though some like the looks of Plywood edge between the two pieces of wood. I put the 2 drain plugs that came with mine as low as I could in the bulkhead of the air chambers/seats.

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