Sit on top design?

Posted by Laszlo on Jan 25, 2005

Until very recently I would have thought of this as heresy, but I just had a life-changing event.

I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii where, among other things, I went sea kayaking on one of those sit on top tupperware clorox bottles. The boat was heavy, leaked from a cracked joint and tracked like a drunk ice-skating in a high wind. BUT, I was able to take it a mile off of Maui in 4 ft swells with a cross wind, get into snorkelling gear, go snorkelling on a reef, get back on board unassisted and revert back to paddling mode. I don't see any way I could have done that if I had been using one of CLC's designs (try putting on extra large flippers in a CH17 cockpit).

So, my question is, is there a chance for a sit on top sea kayak design so that I can do this with a high quality, designed for performance (rather than mold extraction), lightweight boat?


PS - the life-changing event was swimming underwater with sea-turtles while hearing the humpbacks singing all around me.