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Posted by terry on Jan 25, 2005

Been away from this Forum for a few days - shoveling snow like all get out. Gees, it was 66 degrees F here two weeks ago! I wake up yesterday and it's 5 and the battery in the old Toyota just wasn't up to it, so I couldn't get to work. Now the environment of New Jersey will be even more threatened because I missed a day at the office. Oh well, I guess winter had to come sometime, not that out beloved Canadian neighbors would call what we have down here "winter."

Anyhow, yes, I do screw and glue on the brass rub strips over the painted epoxy. Actually, the screws just hold things together will the epoxy sets. And yes, the things would have to be ground off when they need replacement. But they seem pretty durable so far in, as Mac noted, the hard and sharp granite we often paddle in.

As I understand Mac's plan, he wants to install the half-oval underneath the epoxy, paint etc. Not sure what benefit this yields, in that the idea (my idea, anyhow) of the strips is to be sacrificial and save wear and tear to the paint/varnish/epoxy/wood at the keel ends. Even a soft sandy beach can grind away paint and varnish in no time. And you never know when one of those ungodly huge pike you have up north will try to take a bite out of your hull.

Pity the hollow-backed half-oval is so dear in CA. I've never tried to buy it down here, but the same type of profile in SS is very dear (but very durable). The flat-backed half-oval from Jamestown Distr. is not so costly, and seems to stay put just fine. I brought some up to NS last summer for a builder friend up there, and I'd gladly bring up some more this summer, if anyone wants it.

Anyway, Mac's addition should look nice on the boat.


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