Re: Epoxy for Ches 17

Posted by mike noeske on Jan 24, 2005

Both my kits (Ches 16 and WR18) came with a gallon and half of resin and a gallon of hardener. Still have some left from the Ches 16. From stuff I learned here on the forum, squeege vs. roller, small fillets & end pours, how to tell when the weave is filled, etc, I expect to have more left over from the WR18 than from the Ches16. Tho I have been using the Ches16's left over for some of the bonding steps on the WR18. Outside and inside of the hull is glassed, still have about 1/4 to 1/3 of the gallon of resin left, havent touched the half gallon yet.


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