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Posted by Mac on Jan 23, 2005


In my neck of the woods, there's a ferry across the Ottawa River between Hudson and Oka (yeah, the cheese). In the winter, if it gets cold enough for the river to freeze to a thickness of 4 feet, they open an ice bridge. Most years, because of the current, it's a no-go. It's open. And fully loaded 30 wheelers are using it. It's freakin' cold! But I'm not complaining - I love Montreal - the worst that happens is it gets cold. Big deal.

Now all the idiot jet-skiers are out on their skidoos freezing their whatnots off. (Hope they do it before they have children - they should all get Darwin Awards).

Thank's for the encouragement, Doug. I don't think I'm inventing anything - a lot of folk have done much the same thing with hardwood strips - one being that newly employed Texan - you know - ol' what's his puss - the star gazer - Leslie's husband! Aw - it'll come to me - he has a site or two here....contributes sometimes...

Damned senior moments..

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