CH16 Photos

Posted by Rocko McCombs on Jan 23, 2005


Just started the CH16. The kit has arrived and this weekend I got things started.

Anyone have issues lining up the rear bottom panels? I lined everything up on a straight line as instructed. Measured my 1/8" gap at the scarf. If I brought the very tip of the stern down to the line, the mid section of the rear panel crossed the line. I ended up with just under 1/4" gap at the tip of the stern to the line. Just like on the CH18. I maintained my 1/8th inch gap at the scarf. Looks to me like the rear bottom panels on the kit have a 1/8"-1/4" dip in the center. Will this be an issue later?

The side panels layed out perfectly.

Click on the link to see my photos. Select the CLC Chesapeake 16 Album.