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Posted by George on Jan 23, 2005

Are you familiar with the mounting studs? If you can't find them on search, note it and I'll post more. Lots of variations, and I personally prefer them to drilling holes through the hull (just doesn't seem RIGHT to do that). I cut fiberglass circles about 3/4 inch greater diameter than the base of the stud, soaked two with epoxy for each stud, and then placed the stud on top, on the correct spot of the hull, using my rail to align and space the studs correctly. (just place the bolt of the stud through the mounting holes of the rail; leave on while the epoxy sets up.Make sure you don't epoxy the rail to the stud!) I should add, I also placed two identical fiberglass circles over the stud first, epoxy saturated, to 'sandwich' the base. Might need a fill coat. Using this method results in an incredibly strong (I think you could hang a beef from one of these) mounting stud. One thing I didn't do, is to use a slightly shorter stud, then use a forstner bit to recess the nut into the rail, so it doesn't impede the footpeg or it's removal. BTW, you will need to slightly drill out the hole in the rail to allow the stud bolt to pass. Very strong, very light, minimum of extra FG or epoxy.

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