Something I'd Like to Try

Posted by Mac on Jan 23, 2005

Hello everyone.

Too friggin' cold to work on the boat so I'd like to run an idea past you.

I've tracked down some 9mm wide brass 1/2 oval (that's actually somewhat cresent-shaped in cross section (has a concave back - if that makes more sense). Noah's Marine in Toronto got it from Germany, and I'm helping Germany's GNP, believe me. This stuff is so dear, I think I'll use my kayak to protect it instead of the reverse.

Any way, I just measured it against two thicknesses of my hull okoume - total 8MM and if I attach it (with nice brass screws) as soon as my hull is assembled, the extra .5MM on each side will easily be sanded off as I prepare for glassing. This means, of course that my prow and stern protection will be a very integral part of the hull (under 6oz glass, 3 plus coats of epoxy, and 4 plus coats of varnish).

Now, unlike my mentor Terry Mcadams, who's kayaks consistanly address granite shorelines in NJ and NS, my vessels usually land in weedy, muddy, mossy, icky, oozy (well, you get the picture) flatwater lakesides. Actually, I think I'm only adding the brass to go along with the imbedded bronze nail heads on deck and rub rails of an all bright finished kayak for SWMBO.

This is sure one way of protecting my investment in German metal! If I ever DO have to replace the strips however, it'll mean grinding them off entirely, but I'm hoping that day will never come.

Am I dreaming with this approach?

Any and all comments welcome as always.

And, as always, thanks.