Power Mixing

Posted by Howard on Jan 22, 2005

Getting a good mix as many have pointed out is key to epoxy performance.

Given the importance of this, I have always used a power drill with a mixing attachment to help me vigorously mix my batches of epoxy in a short amount of time and with little resulting fatigue.

With the "power mixer" i only mix 2 minutes. But i can assure you i get a very very good mix.

The way i make my mixers is by taking a chopstick (cheap in any grocery store) and cut it in half so each piece is only about 6 inches long. In the thick end, i then drill two 1/16 holes next to the end of the stick. I then screw two 1 inch drywall screws into each hole opposed. the thin end then goes into the drill bit...and wallah...a cheap and effective power mixer that you typically would dispose of after 10/15 batches.

fwiw, i also alternate between pumps of hardener and resin....the process has served me very well for the last several boats i have built.

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