Posted by Brett on Jan 22, 2005

Hi all,

I will apoligize if this is a repeat post. I posted this question a couple of days ago but I can't see it anywhere in the topic list.

About a week ago a picture was posted of a finished kayak that looked great. It had the bull hull that wraps around the edge of the deck and then the clear finished deck. This is the idea that I think I will use to finish my CLC double.

How do you get the nice smooth radius around the bow and stern and the nice shapely curve down the edge of the deck? Are people just using tape and laying it very accurately or are you making some sort of template cutout. Also what order have people been using - varnish the deck first then paint the hull or vise versa?

Also, most people use marine paint on the hull. I was thinking of using a tinted gell coat or tinted clear coat. Anyone tried this before?

Thanks Brett Vancouver, Canada where the only good paddling now is white water. We got 200mm of rain in two days last week and it caused chaos. Forecasting a whole foot!!! total by the time this weather system passes mid next week