Re: bulkhead radius 16 LT

Posted by CLC on Jan 22, 2005

I can offer some clarity.

The 16LT's forward bulkhead has always had a 14.5" radius. I had to check---both our demo model 16LT's have that radius, as revealed by a template I cut out yesterday after reading Peter's post. My notes (from 1997!) say that the deck went on easier with a slightly different radius, although on reflection I don't think it was worth causing confusion.

Holding the 16-inch radius planing guide over the bulkhead shows only the tiniest change in planing angle versus 14.5". I'd use the 16" guide the whole length from cockpit to bow on the 16LT. That appears to be what we did on both of ours.

In Response to: bulkhead radius 16 LT by Peter on Jan 21, 2005