Re: yeah,,I got issues

Posted by terry on Jan 21, 2005

Sounds like there's no ideal solution to the backup floatation issue. On the little, hatchless 14s I build, the compartments are sealed, save for a small hole to equalize pressure and a low drain plug. Not the most versatile boats, being a bit cramped and with nearly zero stowage, but they always float.

Gee, I'd like to see a better solution to the hatch security problem than the plastic buckles. I'm far too lazy to retro-fit flush hatches or bother with bungee cords. Anyone try simple, stainless D rings yet?

On the interior snag issue: you new builders might want to considering inverting your completed hull on the saw horses so you can kneel and get you arms will up in the compartments and CAREFULLY feel for snags, then file or sand them off. You can get some of the snags before you mount the deck, but more will appear, I guarantee it, and they will tear you, your flotation, your expensive gear and even the illegal aliens you're smuggling in there.

Snags are drags, and so are flooded kayaks.


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