Re: I'm Confused

Posted by Dave on Jan 20, 2005

I admit to being slow on the uptake. My cousin, the professional woodworker (very fancy artistic stuff), visits my shop and he asks why I'm not grinding my chisels and planes before sharpening. Answer: I'd just hack them up with the grinder and I'd just as soon take the time to get the back and bevel really smooth. Wrong. Real low key guy so he just rolled his eyes in a polite manner and we admired my boat. The blades got sharp enough but it was taking me forever. Lately, I followed Ian Kirby's procedures chapter and verse, got the right kind of low speed grinder and wheel (already had pretty good sharpening stones), built the simple tool rest etc. and am getting close to that "perfect edge in 60 seconds" that he claims. BTW I never did get one warped Record plane blade flattened but the replacement Hoch blade brought peace and joy unto my life. In short, it shouldn't be as hard as I made it. Dave

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