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Posted by Charlie Jones on Jan 20, 2005

in all fairness that I DON'T use the pumps when mixing batches as large as 20- 25 pumps. That would take way too long in hot weather and you'd get caught with epoxy going off prematurely. I said pumps because most of us know what a couple of pumps of epoxy looks like, quantity wise.

What I do for large batches is measure. I use more WEST Sys epoxy than anything else and it's a 5 - 1 ratio. I measure on a stick five increments and then above that one more., Using a STRAIGHT sided container, I pour resin to the first mark, then add hardener to the second. I may use 2 1/2 inches and 3 inches in a fruit juice (large) can. Size of can doesn't matter, but you'll have more epoxy in a larger diameter can of course. So you can control the amount that way also.

If I'm working by myself, which I mostly do, I prepour resin in five or six cans, or as much as I think I'm going to need for the job I'm doing. I set those up on the bench with the marked stick lying there and the can of hardener at the ready. Then when I run out of the batch I'm using I just have to put the stick into the container of pre poured resin and add hardener to the second mark, stir and go. And yes, doing this you need to stir a bit more than if you are alternating pumps.

The exact same technique works with MAS or Sys 3 or any other epoxy. Just use what ever the correct ratio should be in your marks. For instance, when I use MAS I might mark the stick at 2 inches and 3 inches.

Just be SURE you are using a straight sided container. One with flared sides will give you a false mix.

By the way- I've found that the MAS pumps put out less epoxy than the WEST pumps do per pump.

Here's what my epoxy cart looks like. It's on wheels so I can put it close to where ever I'm working. Saves steps.


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