Who gets the kayak?

Posted by mike noeske on Jan 20, 2005

How do you decide who gets the kayak at the the school year?

When I was doing the outside hull of my WR18, I would mix the epoxy in a 9 oz clear plastic cup (that I buy in bulk). The biggest batch I would mix would be just over half of that cup full, 5-6 oz. It is a managable amount for me to work with by myself.

The pumps that came with my Ches 16 kit (CLC logo resin & hardener) dispense alot more per pump than the pumps that came with the WR18 kit (MAS resin & hardener). The difference looks to be more than 2 to 1. So one persons "7 pumps" might be equal 14 (or 3) of yours.


In Response to: How many pumps? by Kyle on Jan 19, 2005