Re: How many pumps?

Posted by terry on Jan 20, 2005

Well, hopefully, to sew-up this thread, I doubt if you need to mix a batch more than a few minutes. I never have, due to laziness more than technique, with no untoward results to date.

In addition to using very small batches, a couple things I do to slow down the catalytic process in the epoxy is:

1. Keep the epoxy cool in hot weather or indoor heat, using a cooler with some ice (a cold 6-pack works, depending on how fast you drink the beer).

2. Mix in a flat tray, to spread out the epoxy and further retard the kicking-off. I used to have lots of those wonderful flat plastic trays that come with frozen dinners. But then I married a great cook, so the trays are now unavailable. I guess I'll resort to dumpster-diving.

Good luck with those kids. What a joy it must be to watch young folks build their very first boat. I built one with my Dad when I was about that age, and I can remember the project vividly to this day. One of my favorite memories of him.


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