lol- I think mixing

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jan 20, 2005

5 to 10 minutes would be WAY overdoing it. I also use about that many pumps at once when glassing, less in really hot weather, like when my shop is sitting in 98 degrees. If I tried mixing for 10 minutes I'd be mixing a hard, hot block of epoxy.

As long as it's WELL stirred, there's little reason to mix more than one or two minutes even with larger batches.

But here's something else I always do with larger batches- I alternate pumps. Couple pumps of resin, couple of hardener, couple more resin, couple more hardener till I get enough. THEN stir. Better distributes the hardener through the resin as you are pumping.

In Response to: Re: How many pumps? by Ken Leffert on Jan 19, 2005