Durham Water Putty

Posted by John Caldeira on Jan 19, 2005

Durham Water Putty can be used, and Vaclav at One Ocean Kayaks seems to like it: http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/Wshophtm/Shop9.htm

However, an excellent color match can be achieved with an epoxy and wood flour putty by adding some ordinary white baking flour to lighten the color. My process for preparing a wood strip surface before fiberglassing is as follows:

1) First evening I apply a sealing coat of epoxy. This fills most small cracks and holes, and prevents any stain around gaps that will be filled in the next step.

2) The next morning, I mix up a putty made from epoxy, wood flour and baking flour, and apply it to any remaining holes. It is squeegied flush.

3) Second evening I apply the fiberglass cloth.

The putty color should be slightly DARKER than the surrounding wood so it does not draw much attention. Lighter-colored filler will look similar to glue lines.

John C


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