Posted by Paul on Jan 17, 2005

A dud message, Sorry.

I built a Double last year, and yes they are huge. Depending on what the intended use is (i.e.day trips or long expeditions and rough or still water), they have their pluses and minuses.

For a quick day trip they are big ,awkward and heavy to manage on and off the car.But once you develop a system its not impossible.

Once your in the water no problem, stable enough for me to stand up in, dry ride,sails well,quick enough.

They obviously have huge storage space ,so an extended expedition is a real possability and I think this is where they are very hard to beat.

A decent rudder is a must.

I made the entry at the chines finer and flaired the sides at deck level about 2" ,about 4ft back from the bow . I also installed a full bulkhead between the cockpits,to isolate them.

What ever you choose ,doubles are going to be way heavier than singles ,so its even more important to THINK LIGHT when building.

Cheers - Paul ,from Brisbane ,Australia .