Chesapeake Double

Posted by Gavin H on Jan 17, 2005

I've now almost completed my CH16 (with an inch off the sides) and Ch17. Damn all that sand and finishing off stuff... Gets in the way of all that good paddling.

Now my father has got the itch to build one. He's looking at a double.

After having a look at the Chesapeak double and Sports double, we weren't real impressed by either.

The Chesapeak Double seams HUGE at 30" beam, and a 16" radius deck throughout.

While the Sport Double looks a little too nimble.

I am interested in your thoughts.

Our plans at the moment is to strech my CH17 plans by a factor of about 1.23.

The result will be stations every 14"3/4 rather than 12". This should give us a hull with a beam of 24". We will then move the cockpits to approximate locations, according to the line drawing, and change the deck radius to 16"-20"-25".

Any thoughts/suggestions would gratefully be recieved.