Re: Mill Creek 13 Seat

Posted by CLC on Jan 16, 2005

The back of the Mill Creek 13 seat, and the longitudinal cleats that locate it, start six inches forward of the rear bulkhead. The space between seat and bulkhead was always meant for your jacket or whatever. Sitting all the way aft against the bulkhead would put the boat down by the stern.

Lou, have you gotten in touch with us on the seat cleats? There should be four lengths of 3/4" x 3/4" wood; three of the same length and one slightly shorter.

I differ from Kurt on the Mill Creek seats. It fits MY butt. Seems like only the people who don't like them speak up, and that's fair enough, of course; one seat that fits all is an unachievable ideal. However, a thousand Mill Creeks later (literally), a majority of builders report liking the seat and we won't be making any changes.

The Creature Comfort Seat is always a possibility...

In Response to: Mill Creek 13 Seat by Lou on Jan 16, 2005