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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 16, 2005

Howdy, Lou!

I can't help you with your specific questions, since I never tried the CLC Mill Creek 13 seat. But as a MC13 owner of three years (my first yak, after a 10-foot plastic recreational kayak), I would like to offer a couple things for you to think about.

First and foremost, I wish I were able to shift my paddling position forward - by up to 12"! I'm only 160 lbs, but still the thing waddles around tail-heavy, and leecocks terribly in side winds as a result. You may wish to leave your seat loose, and find your boat's trim before fastening it in place. I wish you would, then report back your results, so I can live vicariously through you...

Secondly, I have never heard a kind word spoken regarding that seat, but lotsa agony, and I can see why. I can stay comfortable sitting on a cinder block for an amazingly long time; but then, a significant portion of my weight is being borne by my feet. In a kayak, your thighs and feet are of no avail whatsoever -- all your weight will be bearing directly on your "sit bones". If you're not familiar with your two sit bones, buddy, you soon WILL be. The trick to comfort in a kayak is supporting your "fantail" all over, as opposed to just partially.

Check out the seat I show a photo of, and offer a link to; it is tons more supportive, easy to build, and made of wood.

Just a few thoughts, hope you have a blast with your Mill Creek!

Cheers, Kurt

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