Mill Creek 13 Seat

Posted by Lou on Jan 16, 2005

I want to use the wood seat that came with the Kit. I have tought this ovewr for a while now, and I like the looks and the fact that it is wood. I am at the point where if I follow the Book it says to put in the seat cleats. The book has one paragraph that states to locate the cleats according to the Plans. I have looked, and even had my wife look over the plans several times. We can see them shown on the plans with nothing stating on how to locate them. I get the idea that the seat should just slip over the cleats, and the seat should be centered on the beam of the boat, but this does not help me position them fore to aft. I think I will assemble the seat now although this is covered in the final finishing part of the plans. Can some one help me out with this as I have tomorrow off of work and I have already wasted to much time thinking about this. By the way the kit only came with one cleat and the front of the plans book (where you see if you received everything) shows it should only come with one cleat, although the plans are drawn with two.

thanks in advanced, Lou