Plastic Mini Fibers

Posted by Mac on Jan 16, 2005

Hi All,

I know that Cabosil and Aerosil are used to thicken runny epoxy, add strength to a joint and cure transparent. Wood flour makes cookie dough for fillets and dries to a dark wood colour. Micro Ballons are light-weight, easily sanded additives for fairing - drying purple or white).

OK, so what's with Plastic Mini Fibers? For fairing? For strength? Clear or white when cured?

Sorry Kurt, I lost my glossary of Dookie Schmutz -don't get mad.

Got the ol' garage cranked up to 68 degrees! Man, I'm sweatin' to the oldies and the schmoo's just a-flyin'!

Maybe I should change outta my Sunday-Go-To-Meeting duds before the inevitable happens? I'm building this kayak for She-Who-Must-Be- Obeyed, but there's a limit to just how much she'll tolerate of me creating work clothes and shoes, out of my dressy attire. Boy, did I find THAT out last winter.

Ever notice how epoxy and paint free your grubby old clothes stay by comparison?