Grizzly Bandsaws

Posted by CLC on Jan 15, 2005

>>>>>I unnerstan' the bottom-of-the-line Grizzly 14-inch bandsaw is a winner, as long as you're a pretty good tool mechanic.


Interesting to hear the same thoughts on Grizzly. Here at CLC we have one of the 14-inch Grizzly bandsaws, and a 20-inch, 1000-lb monster we use for shaping the spars in WoodenBoat Magazine's kits. (We also have a 15-inch Jet bandsaw.) I have a 15-inch Grizzly bandsaw at home.

All three Grizzlies have put in extreme duty. All of them had alignment trouble at the beginning, and small parts failed and needed to be replaced or reinforced. But once the teething troubles were fixed, all three have soldiered on through high-volume production with no trouble.

If you're willing to deal with flimsy switches, adjustment knobs and latches, and recalcitrant guides, Grizzly's heavy castings and powerful motors are a pretty good buy. (But don't stop trolling the classifieds for good deals on used Delta or Powermatic bandsaws.)

In Response to: Ah, Mister Mac by Kurt Maurer on Jan 15, 2005