Ah, Mister Mac

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 15, 2005

Never forget there are TWO types of ROS's! The palm type, and the right-angle kind with two handles. I have a 6-inch P-C VS RA sander that kicks serious butt! I can prep for a fill coat with a single disc in less than 45 minnits.

Your're never gonna get ahead in this world, so just give it up now while you're still young.

I unnerstan' the bottom-of-the-line Grizzly 14-inch bandsaw is a winner, as long as you're a pretty good tool mechanic. What I mean by that is, they seem to take a lot of assembly and tuning to get working properly, but once there, perform like a champ. The next-up Grizzly is a good 'un from what I hear. Of course, Delta, Jet, et al, are great. I detest Craftsmen; you never know what's great and what ain't with them. 12" bandsaws are tempting, but the 14-inchers have the most options available, not the least of which is a riser block which yields 12" vertical clearance under the guides. I don't have a riser block yet, but I certainly want one. I absolutely LOVE the Carter quick-release lever.

For those on a budget, any two-wheel benchtop model will serve you surprisingly well. My little (now discontinued) Delta 8-incher (replaced with the 9-incher)continues to see regular use in my shop.

Cheers, Kurt

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