Re: jig saw recommendatio

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 14, 2005

As a professional tool user, I always keep my ear to the ground regarding what's good, and what folks complain about. Every time jigsaws come up, Bosch wins.

That's my two cents, and worth just that since I have never actually used a Bosch. But the stupid things win consistently in magazine reviews, internet reviews, when talking to other cabinetmakers, etc., etc... and that's a fairly rare thing. Myself, I keep a DeWalt for a pet, and it has served me well over the years.

Tell ya what I'd give a knuckle or two for, and that's a feature where the machine blows air onto the cut line, as is commonly found on scroll saws. I vaguely understand a Bosch model has such a feature(?). Anyway, that's what I'd look for in a jigsaw, no question about it. Cutting hatches on a stripper demands high precision since the cut-out becomes the lid, and my DeWalt is perfectly capable in this situation. Problem is, I have to blow my lungs out the entire time - and you're cutting s.l.o.w.l.y for maximum accuracy - to keep my line visible...

One last thing: I hate the term 'jigsaw'. Scroll saws are called jigsaws by half the world too. I wish 'saber saw' could find wider usage, and anyone who says jigsaw would get their arms and legs cut off. Except I'd be first in the line, so never mind.

I've had a ruff day. Anyone got a cold beer?

Cheers, Kurt

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