Re: Flush Hatches Hold Do

Posted by mike noeske on Jan 13, 2005

I will be doing flush hatches on my WR18. The hold down will be under deck bungies, simular to John's, with a few differences. There will be four cleats (per hatch) epoxied to the hull inside, two cleats on each side of a hatch. Will remake (or modify) the kit hatch frames, with a hole thru them on the right hand side, and a hook or notch on the left (hook will face the oposite way of the ones in Jonh's photo). One bungie will start at a cleat on the left side of the hull, go thru the holes in the frames and the back to the other cleat on the left side, this will act as a lanyard also, keeping the hatch attached to the boat. The other bungie will start at a cleat on the right side of the hull, to the hooks and back to the other right side cleat. When all done the bungies will form a "X" inside the hull, pulling the left side of the hatch down to the right, and the right side down to the left.

The thought being, to release the hatch lift a corner reach under and pull the bungie towards you to unhook, when unhooked there will be enough slack in the "captured" bungie to allow the cover to slide to the side out of the way.

Was kinda stumped on how to actually lift the hatch to get fingers under, but noticed in John's photo the nylon webbing soft padeye ends sticking thru the hatch, that is the way I think I will go. Grab the nylon loop, lift the hatch up.


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