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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 13, 2005

On my Mill Creek 13s, I used an external bungee hold-down system, whereas one corner of the X pattern is on a hook. Release the bungee from the hook, and off with the hatch lid! Just as easy to replace, too. I have always loved the simplicity and effectiveness of it, and so has Leslie.

So now I am working on the Guillemot horror project I so foolishly adopted as my own. It too will sport flush hatches, which happens to be exactly what I'm working on at the moment. What hold-down arrangements am I planning on using? You got it: the external X pattern with hook. Not only is it the most convenient to use, but it also functions as additional deck hold-downs for anything you might wish to carry.

I also like that it is almost impossible to fling a yak on the racks without lashing the hatches first; it's just way too obvious. Johc C uses a captive bungee to prevent loss of his covers, by the way. You DO NOT want to lose a matching hatch lid!!!

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Cheers, Kurt

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