Re: Flush Hatches Hold Do

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 13, 2005

Okay, here's my sad tale of woe. My first attempt at flush hatches has never worked overly well, mostly because I just plain didn't take my time an do things right. It is on my Cormorant 16 hybrid, seen in the photo below rigged for a day of fishing.

I did the under-deck bungee hold-down thing, as per John Caldeira, but because of my lousy seals it required too much tension, and therefore was a PITA. So I took all that crap out and went straight to the most no-nosense approach I could think of: deck toggles, per Lee G. I like it okay, except having six toggles on the aft, and four on the front, hatches is also not the most convenient thing in the world... so, on to post 2...

Cormorant 16 Hybrid Project

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