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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 13, 2005

I had thoroughly researched my trip with all the documentation I could find offline and online from anything relating to the North Saskatchewan River. Nothing said anything about them rapids - they were class 6. I haven't officially started to expand my story yet but I guess it's ok if you start the elaborations for me. It has been almost three years now and I think it's time to make the story a little more of a spectacle.

For all of youse others reading this: do NOT depend soley on information related by other people regarding a possible trip on a river. SCOUT IT OUT YOURSELF and determine if you are up to what you see. I knew there were rapids way further upstream in a different gorge because I had seen it. I was not prepared for what I encountered that almost fateful day. For those who don't know what I am talking about, I have posted the link to my story as originally told around the campfire in 2002. The new 2005 version is now being retold with greater emphasis on the elaborate imaginations of a rambling mind.

In this story you will read about how I almost died when I accidently got caught paddling through a gorge in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada because I didn't scout out a section of the river between my originally planned put-in point and the one I eventually used.

Robert N Pruden

A Timely Reminder to Scout Your Route

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