Re: Thanks for tips on Ch

Posted by Karl on Jan 12, 2005

Oops! Hit enter by accident... Guys thanks for the building tips. I am going to remove the beam after finishing the deck, I have access to some good teflon tape that should keep it from adhering to the deck during the install. I'm going to run the screws in from the inside so that I don't have the screw hole scars to fill in. FYI a couple of quick tips; The pastry bag idea works well, but why make one up? At my local grocery store I bought a pack of disposable, pre shaped bags with plastic tips for $2.99. They work better than modified plastic bags because of the cone shape, they're easier to control. Another tip; I wrapped foam rubber pipe insulation around my sawhorses. Not only does it protect the boat from dings and scratches, the non-slip surface keeps the boat from wiggling around too much when I'm working on it. Ayway Happy Building!

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