Re: Kurt's Curiosity

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 11, 2005

Yup, that's me alright! How 'bout that? Shoot man, I just KNEW that plywood cart idea was going places the instant I thought of it. Now, if I can only get Wood Magazine to send me my $75 and tool organizer stuff...

I bought a brand new Delta Contractor's Saw with table extension and Unifence a year ago, and modified the table legs to ride on the movable base. I sent that idea to Delta, and they posted it to their website; and sent me a prize too! An autographed photo of NORM!!! LOL

(I'm looking to build the world's crappiest frame to put it in, just for laffs. Bad cuts, nails stickin' out, glue runs and drips; the works. Heheheh.)

I'll now let you touch me for a mere $20, and autograph publicity photos for $40. The line forms to the right...

Cheers, Kurt "Bigtime" Maurer

Delta Saw Mods

In Response to: Kurt's Curiosity by Rick D on Jan 10, 2005