Re: rubrail dilemna

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 11, 2005

I pretty much finished my Mill Creek 13s, THEN added the rubrails. I've added them the same way to my Cormorants also, it worked so well. Check out my website for more details and photos.

Basically, I smeared cab-o-sil thickened schmutz all over the backs of 'em, taped 'em in place with green laquer tape (it stretches, blue does not), then nailed 'em down with brass tacks with the heads nipped off. The squeeze-out schmutz is then formed into tiny fillets abouve and below, and finally the whole shebang painted with straight, unthickened schmoo (you keepin' up with all these technical terms?). Painting with schmoo after installation, while the schmutz is still soft, really cleans up the area, finishing it off perfectly, AND seal the rails. Ain't nuthin' to it, such a deal.

Who cares is the epoxy "cracks"? Put some more on. BFD. Sand first if you wanna, but I don't insist.

My rails are ash; 3/4" x 1/8" stock; tapered to 3/16" over a 4-foot length on each end. A small PITA to do - the looong tapers that is - but they look great.

Cheers, Kurt

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