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Posted by Gayle Rhodes on Jan 10, 2005

Gafric, I have just been through the discussion of how much plywood with CLC. The MC13 can be done with 3 sheets; one for the bottom, one for hull and one for deck. If you use the full size panel layouts at the back of the plans (as they ar eplace dont he sheet), you can get all hull pieces from one 4x8 sheet.

The next thing you will find with your fine nap roller is that the amount of fiberglass listed in the bill of materials (6yds, 6oz, 38") is just for the hull. It does not include the glass for the deck (which apparently used to be optional), Pg 157 of the assembly manual lists 3 yds, 4 oz, 50" for the deck. So you actually need a total of 6yds, 6oz, 38" PLUS 3 yds, 4oz, 50".

I dont have the experience to help with your questions about using 6566 or 3mm. I'm using Okume 1088 for bottom and 4mm for hull and deck, planning for bright finish.

Hope this helps. Gayle

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