Re: rubrail dilemna

Posted by Dave Houser on Jan 10, 2005

If you seal the deck plywood edge (several coats on the end grain) under the rub rail with epoxy then add the rub rail you will be fine. The fear is wood sealed with epoxy without glass that is subject to dings or flexing may crack and stain. I had a deck stain that had epoxy only on the underside of the deck in the cockpit area (few people glass the under side of the deck). I now put three coats of epoxy (still no glass) on the underside of decks.

That is one of the advantages of a rub rail is to avoid feathering that long cloth edge. Now you have to decide if you wand to glue on the rub rail or screw/nail it on. Either way all wood surfaces exposed to water should be sealed with epoxy or it will stain. Varnish only will seal wood but it will not last like varnish over epoxy.

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