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Posted by Paul on Jan 10, 2005

Small gaps in s&g are not a problem.

You can put packing tape over the gap on the outside to stop the filleting material falling through and "tack " glue between the stiches on the inside.

I,ve done this on both my boats and when the tacks are cured, I pull all the stiches out.

However by what you've written ,it sounds like the bulkheads are too big.

A gap around the bulkhead is what you should be looking for.

If the bulkhead is too tight it will transfer through the side and bottom panels and you'll end up with the "starved dog" look.(ribs showing)

I leave 1/16-1/8" gap all round the bulkhead,wire them in just tight enough to hold them while I apply the fillets.

Becarefull,wireing them too tight will cause the exact opposite - "indentations" in the panels.

There's more than enough strength in the fillet material to fill the gap between the bulkhead and the panel.

Make SURE you sight along the keel and chines .

A fair curve with no ridges or hollows is whats needed.

Placing timber wedges in between the panels will fix the hollows.

Cutting a little more off the panels will fix the ridges.

Fillets cover indescretions very well.

Hope this helps

Post some pics when your finished

Cheers Paul

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