Valuable Feedback

Posted by Mac on Jan 8, 2005

Hi Tony, great to hear from you down under as your warm weather settles in.

The sort of feedback you've just provided is invaluable! Especially when discussing a new or different technique such as magnetic hold downs for hatch covers - which I plan for my second (wife's) kayak. To have your input after a year of actual use is critical, and your candor, much appreciated.

Will you keep us on board as you apply the updated methodology to your second kayak? I, for one, await with great interest.

Boy, am I the serious one before my morning coffee!?!? (Slurrrrppppp.....)

How the Heck's everything else by you, ol' Bud?

Still racing?



In Response to: Magnetic Hatches by Tony Calvert on Jan 8, 2005