Re: installing deck on Ch

Posted by mike noeske on Jan 7, 2005

Karl; The way I did the deck on my Ches16 and will do on my WR18. I got a roll of Pre-taped Plastic Drop Cloth (by 3M), 24" wide x 30 yard plastic sheet with blue tape along one edge. Run this around the hull at the distance I want the cloth to overlap. Glass the deck over lapping the hull and on to the tape, plastic keeps exopy runs of the hull. After the exopy has tacked-up a bit, get a new razor blade and carefully cut thru the cloth just off the edge of the blue tape then remove the tape and plastic. Leaves a nice edge that can be feathered later with sandpaper or a carbide scraper (carefully).

I would want the over lap of cloth from the deck to hull, rather than just a couple coats of epoxy.


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