Re: Weathercock Correctio

Posted by Steve on Dec 22, 2004


Very nicely put. The advantages and disadvantages you discussed drove my decision to install a rudder. I tried various skeg combinations before I settled on the rudder. The final decision was based on my intened use of the kayak. I predominantly use my kayak for 3+ day trips. this means the boat is loaded to the gills and difficult to roll regardless. As far as bracing, I tricked out the cockpit with enough foam to give me a nice snug fit. I used some 5 minute epoxy to glue various sized skegs, in a variety of locations. After a quick installation, I tested the results. This technique worked well. It allowed me to test a variety of skegs before even considering installing a permanent system. Once I had completed my experiments, I knocked off the skeg with a hammer, sanded the remaining epoxy flush and touched-up the paint.

In Response to: Weathercock Corrections by Dave Houser on Dec 20, 2004