Re: bulkheads

Posted by Steve on Dec 22, 2004

I tend to agree with Ray. The bulheads are an integral part of the structure and shape of the hull. I think a better fairer shape will result with the bulkheads in first. Also, I think it will be easier to get any twists out of the hull. Second point, The hull will be more flexible before any epoxy is installed. This will make it much easier to fit the bulkheads.

All that said, I believe you could install the bulkheads after filleting the hull. You would need to ensure the shape is fair and correct and you would need to ensure their are no twists or distortions in the hull.

Bottom line, I think it is easier to install them first, but you can do it either way!

In Response to: bulkheads by ray on Dec 21, 2004