Re: bulkheads I wonder??

Posted by terry on Dec 22, 2004

Interesting topic, as that's what my wife often calls me: Bulk head.

Anyhow, I don't agree that the bulkheads have to be stitched in prior to filleting and taping the long hull joints. I don't do this to minimize time on my feet for each step (I have a health problem that limits my ability to stand for long periods). What I do is hang the boat on sticks like the manual says to get any twist out and level it. Then I dry fit the bulkheads to be sure the hull is spread the correct width at the bulkhead location. If not, I cut spreader sticks or, if I'm too lazy for that (the norm), clamp a stick on to maintain the desired width. Then I fillet and tape the long joints, and stitch in and glue the bulkheads the next day.

I believe this approach has the small added benifit of allowing the long seam tapes to be installed in one piece (faster and possibly a bit stronger).

Just my opinion, from a "Bulk Head."

Season's Cheers to All of You! Watch out for falling reindeer poop!


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