Re: bulkheads I wonder??

Posted by epc prez on Dec 21, 2004

right after i built my first cheapeake 16 i saw CLC at a show...the first thing, i was asked " How were the bulk heads" "they were suprised that I said they were perfect"...after a sassafras canoe ..Perfect bulk heads by ,the way.i built another Chessie. NOTE I am talking from experience ..the bulkheads were TERRIBLE !!! now i see picts and stuff and i wondering... is the clc cutting machine become infected by an insurgent?? my last bulk heads were a JOKE! UGLY!!!!!!.So if your bulk heads look strange..they may not be your problem!!.HEY MODERATOR... YOUR RESPONSE??

In Response to: Re: bulkheads -NO!!!!! by Rick on Dec 21, 2004